Her Life

What could we say about Mothers life? It is not easy to put a human being in a frame of a curruculum and once more difficult to put in this curruculum a Force incarnate in a human body.

One can say that she was born the 21 February 1878 in Paris. Her mother was Egyptian and her father Turkish. She was married to a student of the painter Gutave Moreau. She met Sri Aurobindo in 1910 in Pondicherry and it was not the first time because she met him long ago in her dreams before to see him in his material body. The life is not made of only external events that leave a trace in the history of time. Concerning Mother the most important aspect of her life is her inner experiences and the difficult path she take to go through the adventure full of discoveries, wonders and mortal dangers of the transformation of the Matter.

Actually scientist are doing many researches in the basement of our body, the DNA, they play like children to manipulate it without knowing the fantastic force hidden in this double spiral at the center of each of our cell, the force of more than thousands of suns that will may be one day revealed to us if we accept to leave our old dead-fashion-life and jump in the full-of-life Life. With Sri Aurobindo She was the first of all spiritual masters to say that the life on earth is not the end of evolution and the man is not the wonderful summit of the life dispite what he could think about his realisations and that the final realisation is on the planet and not somewhere in a spiritual world after death.

Personnaly I never met Mother in her physical body, but I met her a few times in a friendly way in the subtle physical and we can say that the transformation is done, and it is not something like a fantastic miracle with marvellous events and light, it is just something very ordinary like in day to day life, something that is so far from the wideness and clash of some of the spiritual experiences that we could not see it, but only feel it at the moment. The miracle is that there is no miracle, the miracle is that more and more people will manifest it in the very simple acts of their lifes like for example in the action of sweeping the floor, you are the broom and the floor and you are the silence and the smoothness of all the atoms of the broom and the floor and this is the new life that contain averything at every moment with tenderness, and silence, the silence of the body, the silence in the cells is the basement of transformation.

We all together, all the humanity, good and bad boys, we are only one body dispite what we can see with our eyes, and what we can think with our intellect. It is absolutely a concrete reality and Sri Aurobindo and Mother had realised that fact in their bodies and that is why we can found them in all the bodies that are enough open to their work.

But the best is to follow her adwice: "Why are you worshiping? Dont worship, just do it." (in Mother's Agenda edited by her very close disciple Satpem, sorry, my translation is not exact.) To find more about their lifes click on this link:

If you want read Her thirteen years' exploration in the matter you can order The Mother's Agendas at this address:
Institut de Recherches Evolutives
27, rue Denfert-Rochereau
14780 Lion/Mer France
La maison de l'Agenda
605101 Tamil Nadu India