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Sammy is a lovely man in his forty fives with a Down syndrom. He loves painting and his mother comlains that if she do not stop him, he will paint from morning to sunset. Sammy has a loving large caring family. His brothers and sisters offers him colors, canvas and all he need to express his talent. Sammy is found of music and he knows well the bands, he also likes football and of course saussages and chocolate. Sammy does not like or can not using speech for comunication, but I thing that he communicates his feelings by a non verbal way like colors showing his mood. Sammy likes painting himself, that reminds me Frieda Cahlo, this very know artist from South America. Like Frieda, Sammy is certainly trying to find his own identity even if in his mind he fails to realise it. When I started to work with Sammy I was wondering why the large trapeziform mouths without lips he was drawing was so wide open hiding the chin. It was the mouth of a scream, and all his self portraits were screaming their need to be heard. The mouth can symbolise communication, the mother, the food. I decide to work on this important aspect of the blocage by slowly reducing the size of this part of the face and introduce the shape of lips tuching Sammy's lips and showing also on my face that we have two lips that are not whide open. My research was based on the hypothesis that if we reduce the distortion of our vision of something as important as a human face we start to heal a part of the problem, because the brain that receives the impulses of the eyes is working on a more balanced way, in our rational world of course, I do not know what is the balance in Sammy's world, but very often he looks to be in contact with something belonging to his own world, he smiles and speaks soundlessly to an invisible being, an angel maybe? Who knows what is he seeing and what is he hearing, that belongs to him, he is very sensitive and love is the best support he can have.


self portraits
Inspired by Howard Hodkin paintings
Portrait of Sammy's mother
Finger painting